Maryam Fine Art


Still Life

In the beginning, I learned the classical way to paint by studying the masters and tackling classical subjects, like still life elements that give us a sense of familiarity and comfort. There is much to be celebrated in a simple, lovely vase of flowers. So, I am still inspired to capture this quiet beauty.



The diversity and brilliance of the natural world always moves me to tame it with my brush. I have painted landscapes for decades...too many to count. Yet I never tire of the challenge to be true to what nature presents, while also bringing something new to the eye. My work in landscapes has evolved over time to incorporate a range of mediums and techniques. My newest conquest is landscape in abstract form - it lends excitement to a subject that I have long treasured, and lets me spread my creative wings and soar!


Abstracts and Other Forms

Art invites one to feel rather than just see. How an artist works should match what the artist wants to convey. Whether I am exploring the purity of color and shape in abstract form, or expressing the uniqueness of one soul through a rich oil portrait, I am always invested in showing truth and beauty.